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  1. Gesellschaft für innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH logo
    from Gesellschaft für innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme mbH
    • Offenbach am Main

    Wir sind der führende Softwarehersteller von integrierten HCM-Anwendungen für staatliche öffentliche und soziale Arbeitgeber in der Bundesrepublik. Unser Produkt KIDICAP ist seit 40 Jahren auf dem Markt und wird heute von rund 25.000 Organisationen als Cloud Service genutzt. KIDICAP bildet eine moderne APP-Plattform für alle Bereiche des Human Capital Managements und alle

Our key features


AI-powered search engine

With the advances of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), clusterjobs can perform semantic matching between the job descriptions and the job queries . Even though user queries may not be exactly matched with the job`s content clusterjobs is capable of giving the most relevant results.


Search by your Resume/CV

clusterjobs is using the latest technology of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow the users to search by using simply their Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV). clusterjobs engine is using AI and NLP technologies to understand the semantic of the users’ CV and match them with jobs.


Full-text Search Engine

clusterjobs is an advanced full-text search engine that allows users to search jobs freely and easily. It allows users to search jobs by using the job titles, theirs skills, and their favourite locations. For example, you can type "Data Scientist Python Tensorflow in Berlin" and the system will find the relevant jobs in Berlin.